Linn Harstäde


  • Date of birth 1988
  • Place of birth Gotland, Sweden
  • Known for Clumsy as no other
  • Profession Manager of Human Resources

I studied as much music as I could get in high school. If there’s a stage – I’m on it! I played bass in the young band ”Forgiven” for 3 years, sang in every church choir and wrote songs since the age of twelve – nothing to show from that period though.

I’m influenced by Halestorm (Lzzy Hale), Aerosmith (Steven Tyler), Edguy (Tobias Sammet), Håkan Hellström, Foo Fighters (Dave Grohl) and many other great musicians.


  • Microphones:  
    Rode NT1A Condensator 
    – Telefunken M81 Dynamic 
    Shure SM58 BLXD Analog Wireless 
    Shure SM58 SLXD Digital Wireless 
    Hearing: Bellman individual molded in-ears 
    – Hagström Mocon Mora* Aucoustic Guitarr (natural mahogany gloss) 
    Ibanes AF55 Artcore Hollowbody (Tabacco brown) 
    – Morgan WG07CEN Semi-acoustic guitarr, line in (cedar) 
    – Fender Squier Telecaster Costum (black) 
    Guitarr gadget:  
    – Marshall MG15GFX Gold 15W Kombo 8” 
    Peavey Rage 158, 15W KOMBO 8” 
    – BOSS AC-3 Acoustic simulator  
    Some tuners and only Tweed Fender cables 
    Casio CDP-200R Digital Piano 
    Blues Harmonicas