Linn Harstäde


  • Date of birth 1988
  • Place of birth Gotland, Sweden
  • Known for Clumsy as no other
  • Profession Manager of Human Resources

In high school, Linn immersed herself in music, embracing every opportunity to perform. From bassist in “Forgiven” to the choir stalls of church, her passion for song knew no bounds. Though her songwriting began at twelve, her early compositions remained hidden.

Influenced by icons like Lzzy Hale and Steven Tyler, Linn’s musical tapestry is rich and diverse. As the main organizer of the Solberga festival, she orchestrates a celebration of music, uniting artists and audiences in harmony. Through her melodies and dedication, Linn’s journey is a testament to the enduring power of passion and creativity.



  • Rode NT1A Condensator
  • Telefunken M81 Dynamic
  • Shure SM58 BLXD Analog Wireless
  • Shure SM58 SLXD Digital Wireless



  • Bellman individual molded in-ears 



  • Marlin Sl300b



  • Hagström Mocon Mora* Aucoustic Guitarr (natural mahogany gloss)
  • Ibanes AF55 Artcore Hollowbody (Tabacco brown)
  • Morgan WG07CEN Semi-acoustic guitarr, line in (cedar)
  • Fender Squier Telecaster Costum (black) 

Guitar gadgets

  • Marshall MG15GFX Gold 15W Kombo 8”
  • Peavey Rage 158, 15W KOMBO 8”
  • BOSS AC-3 Acoustic simulator  
  • Some tuners and only Tweed Fender cables  



  • Casio CDP-200R Digital Piano
  • Blues Harmonicas  


Photo cred: Mosa Mian