Upcoming gigs

May 18


Punkladan, Get Ready for Carpet Dime! Save the date, punk rockers! Carpet Dime is gearing...

Apr 20

Dalhems bygdegård

Don’t Miss Carpet Dime LIVE on Gotland! Mark your calendars, rockers! Carpet Dime is bringing...

Previous gigs

Nov 25


We are very pleased to headline at Punkladan 2023 and to share the stage with...

Feb 17

Cromwell House, Norrköping

We are stoked to announce that we will be playing at https://futureechoes.se/ 2023! Future Echoes is Sweden’s...

Dec 10

Gamla Enskede Bryggeri

The last stop of the Triangle Tour. A big shout out to Studiefrämjandet for arranging...

Nov 05

Rock wave

Thank you Luleå for having us! For more pictures visit our gallery

Sep 10

Visual Riders, Stockholm

A huge thank you to VISUAL RIDERS MC SWEDEN for inviting us to your special...

Aug 20

Solberga Music Festival 2022

A festival with energy that combines the sport and music industry to kickstart the autumn!...

Jul 23


A big shout out to Instanity?Sweden for sharing the stage with us during their release...

May 28


A day in the name of ROCK! Tickets can be bought from us for 140kr,...