Carpet Dime has been 100% independent since the start of 2014.
Meaning = this hardrock band is used to get thier hands in the mud!

At the time the band is looking for partnership in PR and mangagement.

“We’re not in a hurry – we’re just hungry!”

Let’s do this!





  • Micke Hasselqvists quits the band, wanting to stop playing music completely to focus on other things.

  • Carpet Dime enters the stage for the first time since the pandemic started, playing at Forever Rock Festival in Stockholm.

    A few months later, they also play at Brother Tuck in central Stockholm.


  • Together with Tainted Black, the band release a cover of The Sky Is A Neighborhood by Foo Fighters. They also release a music video, entirely self produced.


  • Carpet Dime travels to London and Birmingham for a couple of gigs in support of Nocean on their Diamond Experience tour. This is the first time the band plays outside of Sweden.


  • Magpies is released as a single. The track was recorded at Durango Studio with engineer Andreas Dahlbäck and assisting engineer David Karlsson. The track was mixed by Lennart Östlund, who has worked with Led Zeppelin, Abba and many more.


  • The self-titled EP Carpet Dime is released. The EP was recorded at Durango Studio with engineer Andreas Dahlbäck and assisting engineer David Karlsson. The EP was mixed by Ronny Lahti, who has worked with Backyard Babies, Mustasch, Corroded, among others.


  • Micke Hasselqvist and Robert Thor joins the band, replacing Max Bäck and Moncho Echiburu on guitar and bass.




  • The band is featured on the national radio for the first time, in a swedish program called “Pira and Bråding” on P3. Vocalist Linn Harstäde is interviewed and plays a demo of Scars Devoted.s



  • After months of searching, Tobias Friberg was recruited as the band’s drummer and the trio started writing songs together.


  • The band was started by Linn Harstäde (vocals) and soon thereafter, Michalis Kyrlis (guitar) joined. They found each other through an online add and immediately started to work together.

  • The first song to be completed was Scars Devoted.

    – It was written in 15 minutes, it all just fell into place and since then we knew how to work together, Linn says.