Tom Pawlik


  • Date of birth 1995
  • Place of birth Stary Sacz, Poland
  • Known for Stating the obvious
  • Profession Carpenter

Tom’s musical saga is a testament to the transformative power of melody. Graduating from a renowned music school with a degree in classical guitar, his journey began humbly in a church choir. At 14, he formed his first pop-rock band, followed by ‘The Attic,’ where classic 70s rock reverberated in rustic rehearsal spaces.

With the University of PAGOR, Tom’s music became a force for good, supporting charitable causes through performances across various venues. He later ventured into an acoustic guitar duo, which evolved into the T.G.B band, leaving a mark through homemade recordings.

Driven by wanderlust and musical ambition, Tom relocated to Sweden, seeking new horizons and cultural immersion. His story encapsulates the universal language of music, inspiring others to embark on their own harmonious odysseys.


Electric guitar

  • Lsp EC-256 Samick by Greg Bennett avion av-1  


  • Blackstar HT20 Studio



  • Guitar processor
  • Zoom g11  
  • Cry baby dunlop GCB 95  
  • Looper Harley Benton  
  • Compressor Behringer CL9  
  • DI box Mooer MDI1  
  • Tuner TC electronics polytune 3  
  • Distortion Boss DS 2 Turbo

Acoustic guitar

  • Hagstorm siljan grand auditorium  
  • Cort evl a6 bks  
  • Samick d16ce  
  • Fender dg20ce  

Classical guitar:

  • Alhambra 3f

Digital piano

  • DP-20 


Photo cred: Mosa Mian