Carpet Dime’s Studio Magic: With Lennart Östlund & Jimi Page’s DI Box!

22 May, 2023

Guess what? Carpet Dime just wrapped up a killer recording sesh at Eastman Studio in Stockholm with the one and only Lennart Östlund. This dude’s a legend – started at ABBA’s Polar Studios, worked with everyone from Led Zeppelin to the Backstreet Boys, and now he’s helping us bring the funk!

Picture this: Lennart, our sonic wizard, guiding us through the studio vibes. It’s like having a backstage pass to music history. Eastman Studio, once graced by ABBA, is now our playground.

We also dialed in the magic with Lennart’s legendary microphones. Yep, the same ones that have caressed the voices of music royalty.

And hold onto your hats – we went full rockstar by plugging into Jimi Page’s DI box for the guitar recordings. That’s right, the same DI box that channeled the genius of Jimi freakin’ Page from Led Zeppelin.

So, when you crank up those tunes, know that you’re not just hearing music; you’re soaking in a sonic potion brewed with musical history.

The tunes we cooked up are like a mixtape from another dimension. Get ready to groove when we drop these beats!

Keep those ears perked, peeps. The Carpet Dime x Lennart Östlund collab is about to blow your minds.

May rock be with you


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