25 August, 2018

Carpet Dime is a rockband from Stockholm, Sweden. We want to bring our music Into your homes, cars, local pub, big arenas and everywhere you can think of. The reality is that everything comes down to what we can afford to do…

For sure:
We won’t be able to pure cancer, we wont even have the ability to stop rapists, war or murderers. We can’t solve all the poverty, hunger or assault that’s going on in this… brutal world. On top of that, we can’t educate every kid, make Mars live-able for humans, we can’t even make your neighbours say “Hi” to isolated depressive people.
But we can spead love in our meetings that we bring through our music. We can whrite about you in our songs, we can make the owners of Spotify rich, we promise that we do always deliver in high quality at our shows. We can promise to release a new EP, and we will be keep writing music for everyone’s wellbeing.

Would you like to help us out in these hard times?

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