Thank you Future Echoes!

20 February, 2023


Carpet Dime just conquered Sweden’s Future Echoes festival, and we’ve got the scoop! First, Cromwell House witnessed a musical tornado courtesy of Carpet Dime. Rumor has it even the walls were dancing.

Then, onto Stage Skandia – where the band turned it up to eleven, making light bulbs flicker in rhythmic awe.

Future Echoes, a three-day feast of global sounds, saw Carpet Dime as the spice that made taste buds tingle. The music conference? A mind-expanding journey with international speakers and our tunes as the soundtrack.

With venues sprawled across Norrköping, thanks to UNESCO collaborations, the festival became a melting pot of cultures and musical wizardry.

Carpet Dime left Norrköping echoing with laughter, dance, and intergalactic funk. Stay tuned for the next adventure – the Carpet Dime saga continues!

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