We are signing with Alden Lake Production

1 November, 2023



Press Release: Carpet Dime Joins Forces with Alden Lake Production

In a significant development for the hard rock music scene, we are thrilled to announce that Carpet Dime, the powerhouse hard rock band, has officially signed with Alden Lake Production.

Alden Lake, a distinguished name in the music industry, is renowned for its commitment to fostering and elevating raw talent. With an illustrious history of transforming artists into chart-topping phenomena, the label stands as a beacon for excellence and innovation.

Carpet Dime’s partnership with Alden Lake Production heralds a new era for the band, promising a platform that aligns seamlessly with their hard-hitting sound and dynamic stage presence. The label’s reputation for nurturing authentic rock talent positions Carpet Dime for unparalleled growth and recognition in the industry.

This collaboration signifies a strategic alignment of artistic vision and industry expertise. As Carpet Dime embarks on this exciting journey with Alden Lake Production , anticipation builds for the sonic revelations and groundbreaking releases that will undoubtedly ensue.

Stay tuned for the resonance of this powerful alliance as Carpet Dime and Alden Lake Production redefine the contours of contemporary hard rock!

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